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Understanding Defects Found in Wood

If you’ve spent much time looking through lumber in a home improvement store or ata lumber yard in Houston, you know very well that you’ll rarely find a completely defect-free piece of lumber. This is because there’s nosuch thing as a defect-free tree—every tree is going to have some irregularities or abnormalities that, in turn, … Read more

Basic Woodworking Skills You Should Have Learned in High School

Woodworking isn’t just a hobby—it’s a useful skill that can benefit just about anyone. Unfortunately, with declines in educational funding and shifting priorities in schools, not as many people get a good solid base in woodworking in shop classes any more. So if you’re an aspiring woodworker who did not have the chance to take … Read more

Tips for Better Measurements from a Lumber Yard in Houston

If you’ve done any level of woodworking, you’ve almost definitely heard the tip, “measure twice, cut once.” The importance of this philosophy cannot be understated—the biggest mistakes made during projects are often caused by inaccurate or flat-out wrong measurements. With this in mind, here are some tips from a lumber yard in Houston to help … Read more